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Child education.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Bonvenuto College, with the objectives of weekly cooking classes for students of Early Childhood Education, is to make sure that teachers are able to work content in an interdisciplinary way, leaving the classroom a little, but without leaving knowledge aside. In practical classes, they encourage creativity, motor coordination, cooperation, organizational skills and patience in students. In addition, it is still possible to work on other content, for example: mathematics, when weighing and dividing food; Portuguese, with reading recipes; and the transformation of food and nutrients into science. The lessons in the kitchen also serve as a hook for teachers to discuss social issues with students, such as food waste, excess garbage and respect for nature.

General Objectives of the Project:

  • Carry out a work where children, through the experience of situations, movement and manipulation of objects, can learn to internalize concepts and modify behaviors, in addition to acquiring, from an early age, the concepts of cooking and the correct use of food;

  • Encourage sharing, dialogue, companionship, care for food, as well as the pleasure of cooking, creativity and the use of food scraps and shells, as an ecological activity;

  • Offer a space where the child can cook with “freedom”, where he / she feels free to create and recreate recipes with tranquility;

  • Stimulate the ability to concentrate and coordinate, favoring socialization, creativity and the discovery of food;

  • Provide opportunities for the construction of concepts and the development of skills linked to understanding and knowledge of reality;

  • Involve content from different areas of knowledge, in an integration perspective, since the kitchen allows such a thing;


Specific Objectives of the Project:

  • Promote student involvement in all cooking activities;

  • Develop the notions of hygiene, habits and attitudes during meals;

  • Prevent risky situations in the use of utensils and in the preparation of recipes;

  • Show children the importance of an adult nearby when carrying out activities, so that they are the mediator of activities and guide in the care of materials;

  • Develop notions of calculation, time in preparing recipes, notions of weight and size of ingredients and the notion of cold and heat;

  • Valuing the organization, preparing the environment and the utensils that will be used in preparing the recipes;

  • Develop the importance of using all foods and healthy eating;

  • Providing the discovery of flavors and textures;

  • Promote cultural development and stimulation of the senses.

We are a family owned and operated business.

With this weekly project the child is expected to:

  • Know the food and its nutritional properties;

  • Learn to recycle and make good use of food;

  • Know the difference between fruits and vegetables;

  • Develop skills in preparing recipes;

  • Acquire notions of hygiene and the organization of the space and material to be used;

  • Awaken the pleasure of cooking and preparing food.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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