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Scientific Olympics

Elementary School Students - Initial and Final Years and High School.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Scientific Olympics are competitions for elementary and high school students, with the aim of encouraging and finding talents in different areas of knowledge, such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Writing, History, Language, Biology, Geography, Robotics and Physics, among others. They are very important events for scientific dissemination and to awaken vocations.

When a student prepares to compete in an Olympics, he develops the habit of research, study, the endless search for knowledge, for the discovery of the new. Participation awakens his scientific vocation and he starts to feel challenged by competitors or by his own knowledge, in addition to creating the habit of working in teams and studying objectively, in partnership with a tutor teacher.

The Scientific Olympics are an excellent form of assistance in choosing a professional and a means of entry used in several universities in Brazil and abroad.

At Colégio Bonvenuto, there is a training program for the Scientific Olympics, in which students are prepared through theoretical classes and the resolution of exercises, which aim to deepen the content taught in regular classes. The students who attend this program, through the Duty Calls, are elementary and high school students. In Chemistry classes, for example, in addition to students who aim to compete in the Olympics, others look for the program to deepen concepts of certain contents, to develop study and research methodologies. Many students have competed in several Olympics and some of them have already won gold, silver and bronze medals.

The student's participation in the Scientific Olympics brings personal and academic growth, and can also draw the attention of several Universities in Brazil and abroad, which usually take into account this type of activity, carried out during Elementary School and High School. Many Brazilian students who participated in International Olympics, managed to be admitted to Universities such as Yale and Harvard, for example.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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